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The complete resource for the outdoor enthusiast.á Audubon Field Guides with photographs and descriptions of thousands of North American birds, mammals, butterflies, fishes, insects, reptiles, trees, wildflowers, and more.á Information on natural habitats and outdoor activities through the Outdoor Planner and Destination Guide.á Create species lifelists, join discussion forums, view nature webcams, best nature eCards on the net and much more.

John Maunder's Newfoundland and Labrador Natural Sciences Website
Try out this very comprehensive online science directory!

New Scientist Website
The online voice of the world's leading popular science weekly. One of the top science magazines on the Web. Full of useful information, news, job database and much more!

Metrology Metro
Calibration and Metrology
Web Site Links

One of the definitive directory for everything pertaining to metrology and calibration, (Metrology is the science of measurement, and measurement is the language of science.) and to be the most complete, easy to use, and up to date source of metrology and calibration related links and resources.

A family-safe search engine for animal related web sites. Very useful and fun to browse!

The Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group (SCPBRG)
Formed in 1975 to restore an endangered peregrine falcon population in California. A resource to agency biologists, industry, and university researchers for problem solving and management of avian species, especially raptors and an expertise in a wide range of species. Current activiites even include educational outreach through school assemblies and training for professionals.
Your Online Resource for Science and Nature. A great guide to the best the Internet has to offer in the fields of science and nature. Styled like a conventional Internet guide, this service lists Web sites covering subjects from agriculture and forestry to engineering, chemistry, physics and the environment.

John's Virtual Sci-Tech Universe
A directory to all kinds of scientific news and science web sites, including daily news, monthly journals & magazines, university/government/company laboratories and independent science web sites.

A First Mobile Robot
FirstBOT Home

A guide to FirstBOT, the simple mobile robot that most hobbyists can build in a weekend. Read about an upcoming book on Personal Robotics. Additional resources include links to user groups, publications, suppliers and other robotics topics.

The largest search engine for laboratory and scientific products. With over 500,000 products,á SciQuest improves researchers productivity, by shortening the amount of time they spend looking for scientific products and suppliers.

The UniverShell Trading Co.
A site specializing in the marketing of Specimen and Museum quality sea shells from around the World. They carry Marine and Freshwater specimens as well as fossils and Microshells.á Collection contains over 300,000 shells!

INIST: Scientific and
Technical Institute
(L'Institut de l'Information
Scientifique et Technique.)

Free access and consultation of the INIST international collections. In Franšaise and English. More than 5 billion of documents from periodicals (serials), theses or congresses: sciences, technologies, technical engineering, medicine, biology, human and social sciences.

University of Arizona
Department of Physiology

Biology, Physiology, 3D-Images, Movies, Sound files, Motor Control Training program, Physiological Sciences, PhD Program, Physiological Sciences MS Program, Physiology Laboratory.

Artigen Newswire:
Science & Technology

Keep up with the latest science and technology news!

USDA Forest Service
Sydney Postharvest Laboratory
Tree-Ring Web Page
PedagoNet - Learning Resources
GeoScience: Resources
Geological Society
Wilton High School Chemistry


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Science Internet Web Links ... The Science Beat

Science Web Sites . Space . NASA . Museums . Science Education
Weather . Biology . Archeology . Oceanography
Chemistry . Life Sciences . Math . Natural History

Science news stories courtesy of ABC Science Online.
[Click on any headline for the full story].


Computer / Internet
Cool Site of the Day
Deja News: Newsgroups
Hot Wired
Internet World
Life on the Internet
Mac Today
Mac World
PC Magazine
Stroud's CWS Web Apps
Tech Web
W3C Consortium
Web Reference

Media Resources
Magazines Journals

Agence Science-Presse
Archaeology Magazine
CNN News
Chemistry & Industry
Discover Magazine
Discovery Channel
National Geographic
Nova: PBS TV
Science Magazine Online
Scientific American
Wiley Interscience

Research Resources
Acronym Finder
City Net
Community of Science
Internet Public Library
The News Beat
Roget's Thesaurus
US Fed Gov't Beat
World Lecture Hall

  Museums / Exhibits
Am Museum: Natural Hist
Brooklyn Botanic
City Museum-London
Leonardo da Vinci Museum
Field Museum
Franklin Science
Italian Web Museum
Library of Congress
LOC Digital Library
The Lourve (Paris)
Maxwell Museum
Met Museum (NY)
Science Museum (Minn)
Smithsonian Inst

Teaching / Tutoring
Access Excellence
Fun Science Links
Jason Project
Natl Science Teachers
NDSQ Science Links

Science (Now 2000)
Bill Nye Science Guy
Odyssey of the Mind
World Lecture Hall

CNN: Weather
MIT Weather
Real-Time Weather
Resort Cams
Texas A&M Weather
Weather Channel
WeatherNet: Cams
Yahoo Weather

NASA Planetary Science Research Discoveries

A site devoted to bringing recent discoveries in space science (with a geology bent) to the general public and students.

Environmental Directions, Inc.

A full service environmental company with headquarters in Roanoke, Virginia, USA.

Wiley InterScience

Try out the guest access on this leading science publisher's web site!

Acronym Finder

An award-winning searchable database containing common acronyms about computers, technology, telecommunications and more.

A Wormhole in the Cosmos

Has complete sections on Black Holes, Europa, and The Gallery, which is packed with space images. Plus a section on the Fundamental Interactions and recent news regarding astronomy. Features a Library with bi-monthly updates on facts about the Universe along with a glossary.


The BioChemNet is a directory of excellent biology and chemistry educational resources online.

Animal / Bio / Paleo
Access: Biology Learning
Audubon Society
Bio Online
Blanchard Science
Cells Alive
CSU Bioweb
Dinosaur Hall
Electronic Biology
Honolulu: Dinosaurs
Natl Wildlife Foundation
Paleontological Research
Peterson Online(Birds)
Spiders - Discovery Channel

Culture / History
Archaeology - Mining Co
Archaeology Archnet
Cultures of the Andes
History Channel
Mesa Verde Nat'l Park
Native American
Perseus Atlas Project
Peru Home Page
Seven Wonders
UNESCO Heritage Sites
US Presidents
WWW Archaeology

Aurora Page
Coastal & Marine Geology
Community of Science
E-Conflict Geography
Ecology Mining Co
European Forestry Institute
Geo Sys Maps
Geography: Mining Co
Geological Survey Canada
Grand Canyon Tour
Learning (USGS)
Natural History Web
Natural Perspective
Smithsonian Gems
SI HoloGlobe Project
Sydney Postharvest Laboratory
Tree-Ring Web Page
US Geological Survey
USDA Forest Service
Volcano World
  General Science
Chaos Group (Md)
Edinburg Engineering
Engineering Electronic
Geometry Center
History of Chemistry
This Week - History of Chemistry
Internet Pilot Physics
Inventions (MIT)
John's Virtual Sci-Tech Universe
Lawrence Berkley Lab
Lawrence Livermore Lab
Math Archives
NDSQ Science Links

NSF Reports
NSF Fastlane
Natl Academy of Sciences
Natl Science Foundation
Internet Pilot Physics
SciQuest Lab Products
Sheffield ChemDex
Tornado Project
Wilton High School Chemistry

Coastal Ocean (USGS)
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Mystic Seaport
Nautical Archeology (TX A&M)
Ocean Planet
Satellite Oceanography
Pelagic Shark Research
The Shark
Woods Hole (USGS)

Asteroid & Comet Impact
Astronomy for Kids
Black Holes
Earth Images NASA
Galileo NASA
Hubble Space Tel
Johnson Space Center
Life on Mars?
NASA Images
NASA Origins
NASA Planetary Science Research Discoveries
NASA Planets
NASA Shuttle-MIR
Shuttle NASA
Solar System Live
Space Camp
Space Telescope Inst
Stardust NASA
A Wormhole in the Cosmos

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